california, pennsylvania, and mom

This past week I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to create something to commemorate the state I was born in, Pennsylvania, and the state that I have lived in for more than 25 years, California. I started by drawing both states on my Wacom tablet that I got for my birthday. Here is a pic of my drawings.

States Photo

I printed them and cut the states out of some fabric that my mom sent me for mother’s day. Don’t get me started here…My mom sent me two bags full of AWEsome fabric. The best part of all was that it smelled like my mom. It made me miss her, thus the nostalgia. She lives in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, far from California. Below is the fabric I used.

States 2

I then sewed the states onto a tank top that was looking for something to jazz it up. I added a heart near Hershey, the city where I grew up and Santa Cruz, where I currently live. Here is the final shirt. Can you tell it’s Pennsylvania and California?

States 3

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hex signs

I have several Pennsylvania Dutch inspired hex signs still available on my etsy site.

Hex Sign

Hex signs are a common motif of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art, frequently seen painted on barns in central and eastern Pennsylvania. Often taking the form of stars within circles, these designs grew out of the Fraktur and folk art traditions of the mid 1800’s. Some believe that the term “hex” has occult connotations, as the word is derived from the German “Hexe” and the Dutch “Heks”, meaning witch. In recent years, hex signs have come to be used as talismans to ward off bad fortune.

Hex Four

These hex signs were painted with the intention of creating a sense of plenty in the home where it is hung. Each hex sign features an eight-pointed star on a 15” x 15” fence board. Slight variations in the wood’s character reveal upcycled origins, with designs painted with acrylic and a polymer varnish used as a sealant. Some of the works also contain collaged paper.

4 Hex Signs

9 Hex Signs

hex signs

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sewing my first dress

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been sewing my first dress. I talked about the bias tape experience here. Well I’ve finally completed it and for the most part I am pretty pleased. The pattern is from dottie angel and it’s a Simplicity pattern. I used a grey/black linen. I couldn’t find any vintage patterned fabric that I liked, but will keep hunting. Here are some pictures of the process and the final dress.

Dress Pattern

The directions were totally foreign to me. I had to look a lot of things up on the computer.

Dress Making

I traced the pattern on ground cover fabric. Cut out the ground cover fabric and pinned it to my fabric.

Dress Making

Here is a shot of the darts and the tie. Love how the darts turned out.

Dress Darts

The dreaded pockets.

Dress Pockets

And here is the final unironed dress on the hanger.

dress hung

Here I am wearing it. Happy that I’m done.

Kyrrha Dress

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bias tape

I’ve been learning how to make my own bias tape this week. It’s been really hard and I have to admit, I’ve gone back to the store to by premade tape. I’ve been using the bias tape on pockets of a dress. (A blog post to come.) Here are some pics of the bias tape fiasco.

Here was the beginning. I was so excited it came through the bias tape maker rather easily. I then began to iron. Well, I didn’t know that linen isn’t the easiest material to keep a crease and to iron neatly. ;(

Bias Tape

Here I am trying to attach the bias tape to the pocket. It wasn’t staying creased. I began pinning myself. I started to hate sewing.


Finally, after an hour or so, here are two pockets with bias tape. This took a lot of patience on my part. I was pleased once they were pinned. Little did I know that this wasn’t the hardest part.

2 Pockets

I then tried to sew the pockets on the front of the dress. I tried four times, four different ways. I finally cheated and will show you what happened in a later post. YES, I did go back to Harts Fabrics and buy black bias tape for the neck and arms. I am determined to not go through this fiasco on the top part of the dress.

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henry coe state park

Last weekend we visited Henry Coe State Park in Morgan Hill. It is the largest state park in northern California. It was a beautiful day and the park was filled with lots of wild flowers. We hiked to frog pond. I have been pretty sedentary so, the six mile hike kicked this girls butt. Here are some pictures of the park.

2016-03-27 12.07.54

2016-03-27 12.22.04



2016-03-27 12.35.17

Frog Pond

Henry Coe SP

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zipper and drawstring bags

It’s been raining here like crazy. So, what else is a girl to do, but get out her sewing machine and have some fun. I’ve been practicing with zippers and creating bags. Here are a few. The one below is from my own fabric design. So fun to have my own design on a bag.

2016-03-11 13.24.10

The next few are from my scraps. Super fun.

2016-03-11 13.25.44

2016-03-11 13.26.11

blue bag

Love this cat bag with the fish in his mouth.

cat bag

Here are two drawstring bags that I made for my grandson. They are easy for him to open and close.

2016-03-16 10.13.54

Scooby Bag

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e.g. lutz and sketching

I was inspired by an online artist to buy the book What to Draw and How to Draw It, by E.G. Lutz. It was first published in 1913. Here is the cover.

How to Draw

This book is fun and has inspired me to draw things I wouldn’t normally be drawn to like dogs. Here is a view of my sketching afternoon.

2016-02-29 13.33.48

I’ve been sketching a ton. Here is a peek at my sketches.

Bruno Farm Animals Fish Mustach Man

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