I’m in a creative funk. Haven’t been creating, drawing, or painting in weeks. I’m trying to break out of the funk and just joined SkillShare and highly recommend Bonnie Christine’s, Intro to Surface Pattern Design class. I’m learning how to use illustrator! Been immersed in learning illustrator and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Going to start my first illustrator pattern this week using these bee sketches. Wish me luck.


What do you do to get out of a creative funk?


happy valley happenings

Holidays are rapidly approaching and family is coming to stay. We got a tree and it’s up. Post to come next week.

I’ve also been creating a photo booth with wings for holiday pictures. This drawing is on a chalkboard on our kitchen wall it’s about 5 feet high. I love the board and change it up all the time. The kids love it too.


It’s also been raining here in Santa Cruz. We’ve been in a two year drought so this is GREAT news. Here are some pics from the orchard and the woods.




Have a great week!