grandsons and spoonflower

Have you heard of Spoonflower? It’s an online store where you can upload your digital art and print it on fabric, wall paper and gift wrap. Here is a pattern design I created and had printed on fabric for my dad’s curtains in his camper. He wanted polka dots and it had to match his cushion fabric.


Anyway, Spoonflower is where I returned to last week to start a new project for my grandson, who is three. He just started drawing people. Below is a picture he drew of himself and his mom and dad.


I wanted to take his person and create fabric just like I did for my dad’s curtains. So, I took one of his drawings and uploaded it to Spoonflower and had it printed on a fat quarter of cotton. Here is his person printed on the fat quarter.


Then I made it into a stuffed pillow / person for him. It’s super soft. It’s funny, he thought when it was done, it looked like a tooth. What do you think?


What have you been up to this week?


chimney rock and lake lure flowering bridge

Recently I visited North Carolina. I went on many hikes. My favorite one was Chimney Rock. Here is a shot above the chimney.

Chimney Rock, North Carolina

After the hike up Chimney Rock, I visited Lake Lure and found this wonderful flower garden. It was built over a bridge. Here are flowers and foliage pictures I took.

2016-10-17-21-24-24-1 flowers-live

It inspired some flower drawings here is a peek into my sketchbook.

flowers-3 flowers-4 flowers-5 Flowes 1 flowers 2

What have you been up to this week?


feedsack fabric lust

I am loving the original feedsack fabrics. Feedsacks were initially made in the 1800’s of heavy canvas, and were used to obtain flour, sugar, meal, grain, salt and feed from the mills.Thrifty housewives took them and began to make dish clothes, diapers, nightgowns, and other household items. Magazine and pattern companies took notice and started matching fabric and wallpaper in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Here is some of the feedsack fabric I found on etsy that I LOVE. What would you make out of these sacks?

feed sack 5 feed sack 3 feed sack 4 feed sack 2 feed sack 1

What have you been up to this week?


bias tape

I’ve been learning how to make my own bias tape this week. It’s been really hard and I have to admit, I’ve gone back to the store to by premade tape. I’ve been using the bias tape on pockets of a dress. (A blog post to come.) Here are some pics of the bias tape fiasco.

Here was the beginning. I was so excited it came through the bias tape maker rather easily. I then began to iron. Well, I didn’t know that linen isn’t the easiest material to keep a crease and to iron neatly. ;(

Bias Tape

Here I am trying to attach the bias tape to the pocket. It wasn’t staying creased. I began pinning myself. I started to hate sewing.


Finally, after an hour or so, here are two pockets with bias tape. This took a lot of patience on my part. I was pleased once they were pinned. Little did I know that this wasn’t the hardest part.

2 Pockets

I then tried to sew the pockets on the front of the dress. I tried four times, four different ways. I finally cheated and will show you what happened in a later post. YES, I did go back to Harts Fabrics and buy black bias tape for the neck and arms. I am determined to not go through this fiasco on the top part of the dress.

What have you been up to this week?