fall in north carolina

I’ve been traveling around North Carolina. Checking out the restroom situation and drinking in the fall colors. Here are some pics so you can enjoy it too.

Fall NC

This is why they call them the Blue Ridge Mountains. So gorgeous!!

blue-ridge-mountains blue-ridge-parkway-road-with-foliage blue-sky-foliage fall-shot-best-one fall-trees long-shot-of-foliage mountains-and-foliage mountains-foliage-2 mountains-foliage-3 tree

What have you been up to this week?


One thought on “fall in north carolina

  1. Kyrrha,

    Beautiful. THANKS for sharing your journey. I spent a couple months on a mountain in Mars Hill thus enjoying Ashville. Lovely place…it was in the beginning of fall so the scenery looked like your pictures. One of my teachers from Esslen moved to Ashville and started teaching Esalen massage in what I call a little San Francisco of the East. You seem very happy and accomplished in your creations. Many blessings of love and light to you and your family. Namaste ‘ Izzi

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