grandsons and spoonflower

Have you heard of Spoonflower? It’s an online store where you can upload your digital art and print it on fabric, wall paper and gift wrap. Here is a pattern¬†design I created and had printed on fabric for my dad’s curtains in his camper. He wanted polka dots and it had to match his cushion fabric.


Anyway, Spoonflower is where I returned to last week to start a new project for my grandson, who is three. He just started drawing people. Below is a picture he drew of himself and his mom and dad.


I wanted to take his person and create fabric just like I did for my dad’s curtains. So, I took one of his drawings and uploaded it to Spoonflower and had it printed on a fat quarter of cotton. Here is his person printed on the fat quarter.


Then I made it into a stuffed pillow / person for him. It’s super soft. It’s funny, he thought when it was done, it looked like a tooth. What do you think?


What have you been up to this week?


rainy day font

I learned how to make my own font this week. I highly recommend ‘Create Your Hand Drawn Font‘ with Jenn Coyle on SkillShare. I started out by sketching my font in pencil and then filling it in with pen.

2015-12-21 19.29.24

Then I scanned it into PhotoShop and cleaned up the letters.

2015-12-21 20.04.23

Lastly, I imported them into Illustrator made them into vector files. I made both a lower and an upper case.

2015-12-22 16.20.36

2015-12-22 16.19.11

Lastly, I imported them into Glyphs, which I got for free for 30 days. Happy me.

Here is what it looks like in word.

New Font Doc

Here is what it looks like in a drawing. Love that it matches my style of hand drawn art.


What have you been up to this week?