chimney rock and lake lure flowering bridge

Recently I visited North Carolina. I went on many hikes. My favorite one was Chimney Rock. Here is a shot above the chimney.

Chimney Rock, North Carolina

After the hike up Chimney Rock, I visited Lake Lure and found this wonderful flower garden. It was built over a bridge. Here are flowers and foliage pictures I took.

2016-10-17-21-24-24-1 flowers-live

It inspired some flower drawings here is a peek into my sketchbook.

flowers-3 flowers-4 flowers-5 Flowes 1 flowers 2

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farm flora

The holidays are over and I had a free Friday to myself. It’s been raining here in Santa Cruz and I’m loving the results. It’s GREEN, the streams are flowing, and the grass is growing. It’s our spring. Went for a walk and gathered some sketching fodder.

Farm Fauna


Here is a peek of some of the sketches. I tried to use some different tools to sketch, but always seem to come back to the Micron 5 and Micron 1. 😉

Farm Fauna

Farm Fauna

Farm Fauna

Farm Fauna

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happy turkey day

Happy Turkey Day weekend from North Lake Tahoe!

Photo taken by Piet Canin

I’ve been working on creating repeats with water colors. I’m loving this technique. I take an original water color and scan it into Photoshop; clean it up and then import into Adobe Illustrator, where I make it into a vector and create a pattern. Here is a peak at some of my simple watercolor motifs.

Photo Nov 25, 9 20 10 AM

Below is the Illustrator half drop repeat. I’m loving the half drops as they hide the pattern better.


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sketching characters

Last week I started the last module of pattern design class at the Art and Business of Surface Design with Rachel Taylor. This module is called The Ultimate Portfolio Builder. The first week has been all about drawing. We’ve gotten lots of great prompts that are completely out of my comfort zone like: people, animals, robots, lions and aliens. It’s been fun to draw. Below is a peek at my sketches throughout the week.

Photo Sep 26, 9 29 46 AM Photo Sep 26, 9 30 01 AM Photo Sep 26, 9 30 43 AM 3

What have you been up to this week?


summer and design competitions

It’s SUMMER! That usually means fog here in Santa Cruz.

foggy HV

So, I’ve been looking for fun things to cheer myself up and I found two design competitions that may be of interest to fellow designers.

The first pattern contest is with TigerPrint. They were formed in 1996 with ten people that worked out of a small office in Brighouse, West Yorkshire designing cutting edge card and wrap designs. They now have over 200 employees and offices in Bradford, London and Hong Kong.

TigerPrint has a monthly brief and this month it is called Characters Everyday. The competition is all about designing characters for Tigerprint’s Everyday range. Think male, female and love. Characters could be people or animals or objects brought to life. Check out the link for the brief. The deadline for patterns is June 15.

The second set of contests is with Spoonflower. They have a weekly contest and have two great briefs called Lemonade and Llamas in June.

Lemonade – Fresh lemon juice, water, and sugar come together to make this very delicious, very thirst-quenching summer drink. Do you like it sour or sweet? Deadline for entry is Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015. Voting will open Thursday, June 25th, 2015.

 Llamas – It’s time to travel to the South American Andes mountains to show your llama love! Give a go at creating a lovable llama themed design. Deadline for entry is Tuesday, June 30th, 2015. Voting will open Thursday, July 2nd, 2015.
Check them all out and have fun!

spring/summer 2016 colors

I just completed the third pattern design class at the Art and Business of Surface Design with Rachel Taylor and Beth Kempton. This module is Monetizing Your Designs. We’ve been learning about freelancing, licensing, and manufacturing. Lots of GREAT information and I highly recommend all three modules.


As part of the this module we got access to WGSN, trend forecasting services. The website is packed with tons of information such as image libraries, design libraries, clip art, forecasting, color tools, image library, design tools, market intelligence, and MORE! I highly recommend check it out.

Here is a sneak peak at the spring/summer 2016 colors.


I like them muted and soft. I’ll have to put together a pattern with these colors.

What have you been up to this week?



Hello and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I’ve been checking out Spoonflower this week. The site is WONderFUL! They help surface pattern designers make their art come alive by printing it onto fabric, wall paper or gift wrap. I created a pattern a while back for my Dad’s camper, Sunshine. Here is the pattern and a sample of the fabric that they sent me.

Dots Galore


You can also see other designers and order their fabric as well. Here are three designers that got my attention this week. The first designer is Kate Rhees from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has some amazing patterns. Here is just one of them. Check out her site for more beautiful images.

Kate Rhees

Kate Rhees

Francesca Besso from Italy also has some colorful patterns. Here is an AWEsome one for all you mathematicians.

Francesca Besso

Francesca Besso

The third artist is Honey Brown from British Columbia. I love this holiday pattern.

Honey Brown

Honey Brown

In addition to printing, Spoonflower holds contests for designers. I would encourage everyone to check it out if haven’t already. The upcoming contests include: watercolor power tools, sandcastles and hedgehogs.

Have a safe and happy holiday.



This week Surtex is happening in NYC.  Surtex is the premier event for selling and licensing original art and design. This year it is on May 17-19 at the Jacob K. Javits convention center. They are anticipating having over 6,000 attendees from all over the world. Some day I would love to have my artwork there, being represented by an agent. Here are a couple of the artists that are being shown there that caught my eye when I was browsing the participants from my warm bed in Santa Cruz.

Jenn Ski’s beautiful collection called Tiki Tok. She has such a wonderful mid century feel to all of her designs. Check out her website.


Irene Chan’s super cute children’s designs is below. Her designs are fun and playful. Check out her website Eneri, which is Irene spelled backwards.


Below is an illustration from Helen Dardik’s. Her blog is called Orange you Lucky. Super cute with tons of bright colors. Here is her website.


What have you been up to this week?