happy valley news

It’s been a fantastic week, lots happening in happy valley. The garden is in now. We’re having a drought, so it will be interesting to see how I can water less, but still have a small garden.



Also, got news last week that my hex sign art was chosen to be featured at a local store called Stripe Men. It’s an awesome store in downtown Santa Cruz right off Pacific Ave for men decorated in mid century furniture and vintage items. They provide an inspirational playground for customers to find products from some of the best local talent, like me 😉 The art show is on Friday, December 4 from 5-9 PM  and the art will be on display and for sale through out December. Super EXCITING. Everyone is invited.

Lastly, I am super stoked to be featured a couple weeks ago on a blog called a Daily Dose of Pattern. Check out may pattern and if you like patterns, check out Esther Bley’s patterns. She does some really lovely work.

What have you been up to this week.


creating patterns

Several folks have asked how I go about making my patterns. I’ll show you below. It’s quite fun.

First I take a sketch from my sketchbook like this line drawing of a feather.


Then I make an electronic file by scanning it and uploading to PhotoShop. I create what is called a motif like the image below on the left. Then I begin to embellish the motif. Like the image below in the middle. Lastly I create a pattern that will repeat so that it can be printed on fabric in a seamless manner. The image on the right is what is called a brick repeat.

Feather8Colored Feather8Colored Feather Pattern8

Lastly, I duplicate the brick repeat and begin to create a pattern.

Colored Feather Strip Pattern8

Fun, what are you up to this week?