telluride, crested butte and boulder

We’re home from a wonderful two weeks in Colorado. It’s was really beautiful.

Check out some pics from our last week. We mountain biked along the river in Telluride. It went in and out of the woods and there were tons of daisies in the fields.


We hiked to a waterfall called Bear Creek falls. It was a huge waterfall.


On Monday afternoon we left Telluride and drove to Crested Butte. Here is our first hike on Tuesday. We wanted to hike the Oh Be Joyful trail, but there was a raging river we couldn’t cross. So, we ended up on this beautiful fire road with lots of daisies and purple flowers that I thought were lupin. I MUST come back next year in July to see more variety. I hear that the fields get to be filled with different alpine flowers. I want to hike the trail over to Aspen. It’s on my list.


On Wednesday I rested and Piet went out on a bike ride. Below is a picture he captured of the wonderful aspen trees.


On Thursday we headed to Boulder. Below is a picture of a lake beside the highway. It was so beautiful in the stretch from Crested Butte to Boulder. I want to investigate next year.


Next week I’ll get back to art and pattern making. What have you been up to this week?