hex signs

I have several Pennsylvania Dutch inspired hex signs still available on my etsy site.

Hex Sign

Hex signs are a common motif of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art, frequently seen painted on barns in central and eastern Pennsylvania. Often taking the form of stars within circles, these designs grew out of the Fraktur and folk art traditions of the mid 1800’s. Some believe that the term “hex” has occult connotations, as the word is derived from the German “Hexe” and the Dutch “Heks”, meaning witch. In recent years, hex signs have come to be used as talismans to ward off bad fortune.

Hex Four

These hex signs were painted with the intention of creating a sense of plenty in the home where it is hung. Each hex sign features an eight-pointed star on a 15” x 15” fence board. Slight variations in the wood’s character reveal upcycled origins, with designs painted with acrylic and a polymer varnish used as a sealant. Some of the works also contain collaged paper.

4 Hex Signs

9 Hex Signs

hex signs

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