burning and decorating gourds

Last week my neighbor on Pippin Lane showed me how to burn and decorate gourds. It was so fun. We started with a dried gourd. You can cut off the top, cut holes in the sides, or leave it whole.


Here is my neighbor cutting her top off.

gourds 2

It was all dry and webby inside. She had to wear a mask to scrape out the inside and sand it smooth.

gourds 3

Here are the scrappers. That is a technical term by the way. 😉

gourds 4

Here is the burner. So fun to burn!

gourds 5

Here is my gourd burned.

gourds 6

We then painted them with acrylic paint. Here is mine drying upside down.

gords 7

The top…

gords 9

The side…

gords 8

What have you been up to this week?



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