california, pennsylvania, and mom

This past week I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to create something to commemorate the state I was born in, Pennsylvania, and the state that I have lived in for more than 25 years, California. I started by drawing both states on my Wacom tablet that I got for my birthday. Here is a pic of my drawings.

States Photo

I printed them and cut the states out of some fabric that my mom sent me for mother’s day. Don’t get me started here…My mom sent me two bags full of AWEsome fabric. The best part of all was that it smelled like my mom. It made me miss her, thus the nostalgia. She lives in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, far from California. Below is the fabric I used.

States 2

I then sewed the states onto a tank top that was looking for something to jazz it up. I added a heart near Hershey, the city where I grew up and Santa Cruz, where I currently live. Here is the final shirt. Can you tell it’s Pennsylvania and California?

States 3

What have you been up to this week?



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