Hello and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I’ve been checking out Spoonflower this week. The site is WONderFUL! They help surface pattern designers make their art come alive by printing it onto fabric, wall paper or gift wrap. I created a pattern a while back for my Dad’s camper, Sunshine. Here is the pattern and a sample of the fabric that they sent me.

Dots Galore


You can also see other designers and order their fabric as well. Here are three designers that got my attention this week. The first designer is Kate Rhees from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has some amazing patterns. Here is just one of them. Check out her site for more beautiful images.

Kate Rhees

Kate Rhees

Francesca Besso from Italy also has some colorful patterns. Here is an AWEsome one for all you mathematicians.

Francesca Besso

Francesca Besso

The third artist is Honey Brown from British Columbia. I love this holiday pattern.

Honey Brown

Honey Brown

In addition to printing, Spoonflower holds contests for designers. I would encourage everyone to check it out if haven’t already. The upcoming contests include: watercolor power tools, sandcastles and hedgehogs.

Have a safe and happy holiday.


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