surface pattern design, week four

The last couple weeks I’ve shared that I was taking a Pattern Design Class from the Art and Business of Surface Design with Rachel Taylor and Beth Kempton and that for the next five weeks, I’d be posting about my experience with Module 1 Designing Your Way.

This week and next week are all about pattern – how to create pattern, how to layer and create texture, and how to do box repeats. For the box repeats, we first started out doing them by hand. I took some of my paint chips and carefully placed them on the edges, mirroring each side as a seamless repeat pattern would occur. Then I simply scattered the rest in the center. Viola, a box repeat. Seemed easy by hand with an object that was symmetrical. We’ll see when we get to more complicated shapes and on the computer.

IMG_6549 IMG_6547

This week I also received my first pattern printed on cotton from Spoonflower. You can purchase it by the yard, as wall paper or as gift wrap here.  I was ecstatic. Here it is a photo of a fat quarter.


In addition to all that fun, I was totally EXCITED to find out that my pattern was trending at Spoonflower on their Recent Trends list.  Super fun week!


What have you been up to this week?



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