surface pattern design, week three

The last couple weeks I’ve shared that I was taking a Pattern Design Class from the Art and Business of Surface Design with Rachel Taylor and Beth Kempton and that for the next five weeks, I’d be posting about my experience with Module 1 Designing Your Way.

This week was all about color. Oh do I love color! We’ve been encouraged to wear color this week and avoid black. It’s been hard to do, but I see the difference in my mood when I’m decked out in color. Upon looking in my closet, I’ve discovered that I have very little patterned clothing and it all seems to be in either black or in fall colors like browns and oranges. I sometimes wonder how I can love pattern so much, but I don’t wear it.

I’ve been having so much FUN, learning about how to create color keys from photos, how to create mood boards in 3d and online in Pinterest, and how to use these as inspirations for our patterns. Can you say FUN!

See my color key below for Rex Rey’s beautiful collage.


Here is a 3D moodboard I created.


Here are the patterns that I’ve been drawn to check them out here.

Lastly, we’ve been introduced to trending. Wow, what a great job it would be to research and follow color trends. I can’t wait until Module 2 and 3 where we learn how to create a professional color trend.

Have a great week!


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