jeweled dissonance and kaleidoscopes

This is a post on my last summer school brief from a class I’m taking from Make it in Design with Rachel Taylor and Beth Kempton. This week we were given the theme of jeweled dissonance.

I start most of my projects with an inspiration board on Pinterest.  Check out my board.

What got me focused was remembering that when I was little I had a kaleidoscope and how they looked like melted jewels. This was the picture that started me thinking I wanted to create some type of jewel motif.


Here was the color palette we were given.

Jewled Dissonance

I began to sketch and came up with these sketches



I loved the second drawing as I was trying to go for the kaleidoscope feeling. I took that drawing, scanned it into PhotoShop and began coloring it in.


Here is the final motif, not yet in a pattern.


And here it is in several patterns.

Caleidescope-Web Jewlel-blue-background Jewlel-purple-background

Here is the print sheet I created for the theme.


Have a fabulous week!



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