last week of surface pattern design class

I’ve been working on technical repeats on paper (PhotoShop is next module), patterns in PhotoShop, buisness logo, and coordinated presentation sheets. This surface pattern class called The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design with Beth Kempton and Rachel Taylor has been super fun. It’s said because this is the last week and I’ve had a lot of fun checking out the daily homework posts and having fun networking with other pattern designers. Here is some of the work I’ve been doing this week.

Below is my original line drawing of a poppy from pippin lane. I took it and repeated in PhotoShop. Loving the colors; it’s simple and clean.

flower petals yellow with cr

The one below here has a middle eastern flair. Again I took my original line art and uploaded it into PhotoShop. I researched the trending colors for fall and decided to use them as they were rich and full, perfect for fall.

me design black

Below is a presentation sheet showing a collection of coordinated patterns. It’s my original line work  and was super fun to do! Can you see this on a set of flannel sheets, curtains or pillows?


Have a great week!



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