Life in the orchards

Wanted to share some pictures of the orchards where we live. We rent the original farm house on a 200 acre pear and apple orchard. The orchards aren’t currently farmed and the owners are slowly turning some of the acreage over to grapes. We are 6.5 miles from town, which is a big uphill bike ride home.

This is meditation point and the highest point of the 200 acres. It looks down and out to the ocean. This view has inspired many of my creations.


Here are the orchards in the spring. The pear trees blossom these beautiful white flowers. They are just beginning to flower this year.

Spring on Pippin Lane

Spring on Pippin Lane

Below is the neighbors barn that is across Pippin Lane, which is also the name of my etsy shop. It’s a nice spot to take photos and I love the look and feel of the old building.

Neighbors barn

Neighbors barn

Here is the view from our deck of our backyard. It looks down into Happy Valley and feels really expansive. We love the bed spring fence that the previous tenants installed.

Back yard

Enjoy your week!

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