What’s happening in the orchards?

The most exciting thing this week is my new Fiskars punch that creates cute hearts. I’m excited to use it for creating valentines day crafts and looking forward to getting out the glue gun and creating heart treats to leave behind in unexpected places. Love leaving hearts in library books, video rentals, and on coworkers desks.


In addition to the excitement about my Fiskars, I just bought a new vw golf tdi at Capitol Volkswagen, which I’m calling the Nan mobile. Super excited. For those of you who don’t know me or my story, I’ve been sharing a prius for the past ten years with my partner. I’m lovin the sunroof and the manual gears. This Nan mobile will allow us more flexibility as our schedules change.


Lastly, I recently finished a art design class at Cabrillo with the wonderful Pantea Karimi. We studied color and basic design. It was loads of fun and really inspiring. Here are some samples of my work.


Have a great week!


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