summer school

I’ve been in summer school and it’s been really fun. The class I’m taking is with Make it in Design with Rachel Taylor and Beth Kempton. Every two weeks we are given a brief and asked to prepare a pattern.

The first brief we got was tropical. Here is my pattern. I did a hand drawing of the trees, scanned it and then worked on it digitally.

Tropic of Cancer


The second brief was tribal. Here is the color chart and my final pattern.

Tribal Colorway

Taboo Tribal


Here is the gallery for the beginning students. Check them all out and I’ll post my last brief in the weeks to come.

What have you been up to this week?




edisto, ocracoke and hatteras

I’ve been on the east coast for the last week and a half and it’s been fun. I started in Charleston and then went to Edisto Island. Here are two pictures from Edisto area. The first is the Piggly Wiggly, which is their local grocery store. What do you think “Nature Food” is?


Here is the lovely bike trail that we got to ride to the beach on each day and the house we rented. It was on a golf course. The house was nice, but I would have preferred to be on the beach.


After Edisto, I took a two and a half hour ferry from Cedar Island to the Outer Banks or OBX as the locals call it. I LOVED Ocracoke. The island is built up on one side and there are 13 miles of pristine beaches. The B&B I stayed in was a super cute, old cottage. It was pure heaven. I got to relax, draw and go to the beach every day.


Hatteras wasn’t as nice as Ocracoke. The entire island was built up. Here is a shot from Virgina Beach, where I stayed on my way to see my family in Pennsylvania.


LOVE the colors.

What have you been up to this week?




charleston, south carolina

We’re visiting Charleston for a couple days. Love this beautiful city. It’s been storming and it is super green and lush. Below is a picture of a local cemetery. Really neat with all the over growth of flowers and weeds.


This bird was at the entrance of the cemetery.


It’s a West African symbol called Sankofa, depicting a bird looking over its back. Which means “learning from the past in order to move forward.”

Here was a cool bookstore called Blue Bicycle Books. This was parked out front.


Also came across some of Shepard Fairey’s work. Loved this one at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. It was huge, this is the side of building four stories high.


Lastly a shot from the Pavilion rooftop.


Have a great week!


bend, oregon

I went to Bend last week to visit a dear friend of mine. It was over the July 4th weekend. For those of you who haven’t been to Bend on the 4th of July, you are missing out on life. They have this wonderful pet parade in the morning, a Freedom ride with hundreds of dressed up cyclists in the afternoon and then in the evening, they have wonderful fireworks over the Butte.

Check out some the pets from the parade. People have goats, dogs, birds, iguanas, roosters, and even flying dogs. It’s fun!

IMG_4877 IMG_4885IMG_4875IMG_4902

As far as art goes, I’ve been obsessed with sun flowers. Check out the fields we passed on the way to Bend off of highway 505.


I’ve been growing some in my back yard too. Here’s a new blossom.


I’ve been working on some sun flower art. I’ve got to turn this into a pattern.

Sun flower

What have you been up to this week?


creating patterns

Several folks have asked how I go about making my patterns. I’ll show you below. It’s quite fun.

First I take a sketch from my sketchbook like this line drawing of a feather.


Then I make an electronic file by scanning it and uploading to PhotoShop. I create what is called a motif like the image below on the left. Then I begin to embellish the motif. Like the image below in the middle. Lastly I create a pattern that will repeat so that it can be printed on fabric in a seamless manner. The image on the right is what is called a brick repeat.

Feather8Colored Feather8Colored Feather Pattern8

Lastly, I duplicate the brick repeat and begin to create a pattern.

Colored Feather Strip Pattern8

Fun, what are you up to this week?


sewing campy bookmarks

I’ve been learning to sew this afternoon. So excited that I’ve been able to thread the bobbin. Here is the sewing machine my friend Tami let me borrow.


I’ve made some campy bookmarks. I took some of my paint chips…


…got out some scraps of fabric and added some cardboard for stiffness.


Here they are, CAMPY bookmarks!



I love the pattern.

If you would like one, check out my etsy store, Pippin Lane, and come back here to my blog.  Leave a comment on what you liked in the store; and I’ll mail you a CAMPY bookmark. Oh, leave your email so, I can contact you for your address.


telluride, crested butte and boulder

We’re home from a wonderful two weeks in Colorado. It’s was really beautiful.

Check out some pics from our last week. We mountain biked along the river in Telluride. It went in and out of the woods and there were tons of daisies in the fields.


We hiked to a waterfall called Bear Creek falls. It was a huge waterfall.


On Monday afternoon we left Telluride and drove to Crested Butte. Here is our first hike on Tuesday. We wanted to hike the Oh Be Joyful trail, but there was a raging river we couldn’t cross. So, we ended up on this beautiful fire road with lots of daisies and purple flowers that I thought were lupin. I MUST come back next year in July to see more variety. I hear that the fields get to be filled with different alpine flowers. I want to hike the trail over to Aspen. It’s on my list.


On Wednesday I rested and Piet went out on a bike ride. Below is a picture he captured of the wonderful aspen trees.


On Thursday we headed to Boulder. Below is a picture of a lake beside the highway. It was so beautiful in the stretch from Crested Butte to Boulder. I want to investigate next year.


Next week I’ll get back to art and pattern making. What have you been up to this week?


fun and wonder of telluride

We’ve been in Telluride this week. We planned to be here three nights. It was so beautiful, we extended our stay. Here are some pictures of our adventures.






The balloon festival has been really fun. They took off at 6:15 this morning and filled the sky with their glorious colors. Glow is tonight. At dusk they will fill the main street and it will be quite magical.

Have a good one.