Been having fun playing with paper this week with Rachel Taylor and Beth Kempton in their paper love challenge. Check out their Paper Love eCourse if you want to be a part of their next class.

My first photo is heart orgami. Super easy to create and fun to leave for that special someone.


Another exercise we did was to create maps. The next two photos are maps I made of Manhattan with text I discovered from where I sat at the Black Cat Cafe in the lower east side.



I do love paper. Enjoy your week!


curtains and weddings

Hi, it’s been a fun week. I’ve been to a friend’s wedding in Carmel Valley last weekend and this weekend my daughter and grandson visited. Here are some pictures from the wedding venue.

IMG_5789 IMG_5861

The crafty part of the weekend was sewing a curtain from a bedsheet with my daughter. This is her first time sewing. Crazy that I just learned a couple months ago. The machine my friend Tami let us borrow is getting used a lot! Guess I may need to get myself one soon.

IMG_5906 IMG_5908 IMG_5909

What have you been up to this week?


hex signs and rain

It rained here in Santa Cruz yesterday. It smelled so yummy. We haven’t had rain in almost a year. I hope this means we will have some rain this winter.

Soooo….I’ve been busy creating hex signs this week. It’s so fun! I painted right on the wood canvases that I made several weekends ago with the babes.

Hex signs are a form of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art. I’m from Hershey, Pennsylvania and love that I’m going back to my roots. People originally painted them on their barns as decoration. The barn paintings, usually in the form of “stars in circles,” grew out of the fraktur and folk art traditions about 1850 when barns first started to be painted in the area. Here is my work, enjoy.

IMG_5678 IMG_5681 IMG_5686 IMG_5703 IMG_5711 IMG_5768

The eight point star is to offer abundance and goodwill to everyone. Here is to abundance of water, which we need so badly in Cali.

Have a GREAT week!


dreaming big and whales

I had fun this week using the wood canvases I made with the babes last weekend. Here is the shape I cut out with a jigsaw. My first attempt…not too bad.


Originally I was going for a fish, but it turned out more like a whales. I took some really cool paint that my friend Anna brought me back from Mexico.


…and painted him blue.


Then I added some text to the wood canvas and added the whale.


And viola… a finished art piece!


tall boys, babes and boards

Had fun on Saturday with these two lovely ladies, Heather, Anna and a couple tall boys. Heather sure is handy and crafty! She has made some lovely wood items like outdoor seating areas, tables with succulents, shelves, wall hangings and other AWEsome household items.



Today with Heather’s help I created some canvases and Anna created some shelves and a box for her cats. Here is Anna using the chop saw. She jumped right in and was quickly at home.


I was a bit more timid. Heather patiently taught me how to use the table saw to cut down some long fence board that she had recently scored. Here I am using the table saw.


I had wanted to create some wood canvases. So, I took the pieces and fit them together to create the canvases below.


I flipped the pieces over held them together with some brackets. I got to use an electric screwdriver.


Sanded them down with a  hand sander and voila, some nice canvases for painting, mod podging, etc.


Pretty happy to have such lovely canvases to play on in the next couple weeks.


What have you been up to this weekend?


jeweled dissonance and kaleidoscopes

This is a post on my last summer school brief from a class I’m taking from Make it in Design with Rachel Taylor and Beth Kempton. This week we were given the theme of jeweled dissonance.

I start most of my projects with an inspiration board on Pinterest.  Check out my board.

What got me focused was remembering that when I was little I had a kaleidoscope and how they looked like melted jewels. This was the picture that started me thinking I wanted to create some type of jewel motif.


Here was the color palette we were given.

Jewled Dissonance

I began to sketch and came up with these sketches



I loved the second drawing as I was trying to go for the kaleidoscope feeling. I took that drawing, scanned it into PhotoShop and began coloring it in.


Here is the final motif, not yet in a pattern.


And here it is in several patterns.

Caleidescope-Web Jewlel-blue-background Jewlel-purple-background

Here is the print sheet I created for the theme.


Have a fabulous week!


print sheets from summer school

Happy weekend!

As I mentioned in my blog last week, I’m taking summer school, Make it in Design, with Rachel Taylor and Beth Kempton. This week we were given the theme of jeweled dissonance. I’ll post my work next week.

What I wanted to share today were the print sheets I made from the tribal and tropical patterns. Let me know what you think.



Have a great week!


summer school

I’ve been in summer school and it’s been really fun. The class I’m taking is with Make it in Design with Rachel Taylor and Beth Kempton. Every two weeks we are given a brief and asked to prepare a pattern.

The first brief we got was tropical. Here is my pattern. I did a hand drawing of the trees, scanned it and then worked on it digitally.

Tropic of Cancer


The second brief was tribal. Here is the color chart and my final pattern.

Tribal Colorway

Taboo Tribal


Here is the gallery for the beginning students. Check them all out and I’ll post my last brief in the weeks to come.

What have you been up to this week?




edisto, ocracoke and hatteras

I’ve been on the east coast for the last week and a half and it’s been fun. I started in Charleston and then went to Edisto Island. Here are two pictures from Edisto area. The first is the Piggly Wiggly, which is their local grocery store. What do you think “Nature Food” is?


Here is the lovely bike trail that we got to ride to the beach on each day and the house we rented. It was on a golf course. The house was nice, but I would have preferred to be on the beach.


After Edisto, I took a two and a half hour ferry from Cedar Island to the Outer Banks or OBX as the locals call it. I LOVED Ocracoke. The island is built up on one side and there are 13 miles of pristine beaches. The B&B I stayed in was a super cute, old cottage. It was pure heaven. I got to relax, draw and go to the beach every day.


Hatteras wasn’t as nice as Ocracoke. The entire island was built up. Here is a shot from Virgina Beach, where I stayed on my way to see my family in Pennsylvania.


LOVE the colors.

What have you been up to this week?